• How can a specialty pharmacy make your life easier?

    A specialty pharmacy is a full service pharmacy that offers pharmaceutical products and services above and beyond what is available at your typical corner drug store. For instance, services such as compounding, customized packaging, medication therapy management, custom delivery services and weight loss clinics can be found at a specialty pharmacy. Expert advice, education, and high level case management is available to customers who experience complex disease states such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, organ transplants, cancer and HIV.

    Many prescribed medications for certain disease states are very expensive to purchase, not just for the customer but also for a pharmacy. For this reason a corner retail drugstore is not likely to be able to service a customer with specialized pharmaceutical needs. An example of this might be an individual being treated for HIV. Specialty ordering, dosing, packaging and possibly compounding would most likely be needed for optimal medication therapy management. Once the medication is prepared and delivered to the customer it is extremely important to have proper education on effects, side effects and adverse reactions. A pharmacist specially trained in working with specific disease states can often be the glue that bonds the treatment plan together.

    High tech equipment can be found in your local Phoenix specialty pharmacy. Examples of this would include robotic filling equipment, high tech pharmacy software systems and highly advanced tracking and delivery systems. With a computerized robotic filling and dispensing system prescriptions are filled and dispensed quickly and accurately. To the customer this means fast, accurate, and safe filling of your prescriptions. No more standing in long lines and waiting up to two hours for your prescriptions to be filled!

    You go the extra mile to search out a physician who is a specialist. Having your illness properly diagnosed and treated is the primary objective in recovery from illness. It also makes sense to choose a pharmacy near Phoenix like Valley of the Sun Pharmacy that specializes in meeting all your medication needs!